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Hyped Coderwall Widget

31 May 2011

Last week saw the arrival of two new geeky joys: Hype and Coderwall. The former, an HTML5 Animation tool, has lots of buttons, timelines, scenes and ways to make beautiful and interactive products. The later, has no buttons or interesting features, it is simply a merit system for open source coders, recognizing coding virtues by awarding each ones with specific badges.

An easy idea it was to put some Hype into Coderwall, animating the JSON data stream of each profile in an embeddable widget. I chose to implement JSON data fetching server side, making it a hosted widget on AppEngine. Dynamic JavaScripts get served from a Python profile fetcher, loadable from anywhere a script tag belongs, with some cosmetic options available at init time. You can view the result on the side of this blog, until nil, and can find installation informations HERE if you want this widget on your own blog.

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