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Technicolor Terminal

10 Sep 2010

What about getting colouring in your SnowLeopard Terminal? You looked around the web and found sparse informations on setting your Terminal with TerminalColours, here is the place to look to get your rainbow colour Terminal going.

First, you need to install SIMBL 64bit. This allows to plug the colours into the Terminal core.

Then, download TerminalColours and place it either in /Library/Application\ Support/SIMBL/Plugins/ (for all users) or in ~/Library/Application\ Support/SIMBL/Plugins/.

Activate colouring for your bash profile, in the shell type:

printf "\n%s\n" 'export CLICOLOR=1' >> ~/.bash_profile

Restart the Terminal and visit Terminal→Preferences, under Settings/Text, make sure Display ANSI colors is checked and click the More… button to set your colour palette. VoilĂ !

As an extra, you can now alias your popular shell commands so that they default to show up dressed up in marvellous pigments. For example, for tree, you can set it to colouring by typing:

printf "\n%s\n" "alias tree='tree -C'" >> ~/.bash_profile

Visit each of your commands man page to get more information on which flag enables their respective colouring.

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