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Forward Thinking

31 Dec 2008

Let me end the year on a pompous tone, making 3 bold statements about next year tech world transformations.

The Browsers Year

2009 will be the year where people which are still using Microsoft Internet Explorer, of any version, will wake up to the fact that you can actually choose your internet browser. The times of the Netscape vs IE monopoly are far behind, we now get the benefits of competition for browser features and collaboration for rendering and scripting engines. One of the fastest improving ground in the programming world today seems to be the JavaScript engine of all browsers but IE. When Google, Apple and the Mozilla Foundation all get on a speed race developing a better JavaScript engine for their browsers, one cannot be really far away from reality thinking JavaScript is the next big programming thing.

Make that iPhone bigger, let me throw away my mouse

What do you think is the next insanely great product Apple will launch? No kidding, the iPhone and iPodTouch are killer products, and its likely along this line of success that Apple will plan their future: the Mac elegant interface coupled with multi-touch screen wonders. Multi-touch screen interfaces have been prototiped for at least 10 years, but they never made it through to the consumer market, mainly because of the unavailability of any willing desktop OS company, ready to develop multi-touch pointer devices support for their systems. Now that the market has been seduced by the idea, Apple has all the cards in its game to launch that same beautiful iPhone interface paradigm for its desktop computers. Do you think they'll miss that chance? Many will say Microsoft already did it when they tried to launch their own, bulky, Surface computer. But again, who wants this 10k$ coffee table to grab dust in their living room. No mind blowing "Only this device allow me such and such" has been reclaimed for the Surface, at least nothing compared to how the iPhone has hit the market. The Surface is ready made to be thrown to the weird technologies junkyard. Consumers want useful, unobtrusive, invisible technologies and this is exactly what Apple will provide, they control their hardware and software platforms in a way no other manufacturers can, and will use this unique power to leverage the next mainstream household computer technology.

All for One

In the current failing world economy, taking into consideration a possible, maybe inevitable, society paradigm shift, solidarity is key. Joint Open Source component development is an already widespread mechanism of technology adoption, and will become the de facto approach embraced by every trendsetting company. The tendency will be "Do it or miss it". Changing for the good, the way competition and collaboration operates on innovation. Entrepreneurial strategy will evolve from being the one owning a technology to being the best using a technology. You'll need to be fast, intelligent and creative to excel at these new business games, and hopefully these tendencies will allow for a quick, positive restructuration, of the now failing world economy.

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